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If you are finding difficulties with referencing your university articles and are looking for professional APA Referencing Generator tool then contact Sample Assignment. We provide one of the leading online APA Referencing Generator tool services. When you get help from us you will get work included with information from published sources, like identifying the sources, in a brief format, in the body of your written task, and providing a detailed list of your sources in a systematic list at the end of your task. APA format is a standardized format for citing sources and bibliographic references common to many academic journals in management and business disciplines. Know when and how to use it correctly.

apa referencing generator

What is the APA referencing format?

The APA format was created by the American Psychological Association to standardize the citation of sources and bibliographic references. Many academic journals from disciplines outside of psychology also use APA format.

How to quote in the text using APA format?

An in-text citation in APA format is the author's last name and year of publication separated by a comma in parentheses before the end of the sentence. For example, Mindfulness is keeping our thoughts, emotions, and actions in mind (Kabat-Zinn, 2016).

It is not necessary to indicate the full name of the author or the title of the source in the sentence, as it hinders the reading and understanding of the writing. A correct citation has enough information for the reader to find the details of the source in the reference list at the end of the document. If you want to use the author's name in writing, the APA citation would only be the year of publication immediately after the name. For example, According to Kabat-Zinn (2016), mindfulness is keeping our thoughts, emotions, and actions in mind.

apa referencing generator

Remember that to avoid plagiarism, you should always cite the source when summarizing or paraphrasing an idea that is not your own or common knowledge. You do not need to enclose a verbatim quotation in quotation marks to cite the source unless you think the original wording adds something valuable that would be lost by summarizing or paraphrasing.

How is a reference made with APA format tool?

A reference is the bibliographic data of each source of information cited in the body of the text. The font type (book, article, etc.) determines the bibliographic data included in the reference and the text format (that is, use of periods, commas, spaces, italics, etc.).

For example, the reference of a book in APA format must include the author's name, year of publication in parentheses, the title of the book in italics, city of publication, and publisher:

Vega, G. (2014). The case writing workbook: a self-guided workshop. Armonk: ME Sharpe.

Instead, the reference of an article in an academic journal in APA format must include the author's name, year of publication in parentheses, article title without italics, journal title and volume number in italics, journal number in parentheses and pages:

Vega, G. (2007). Business Succession at Building # 19: Overall, It Is Better to Be the Father Than the Son. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 31 (3), 473-488.

The reference format for each type of information source can be found in the official guide for using the format, the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition.

How is a list of references made with APA referencing tool?

The list of references is the bibliographic data of all the sources cited in the text, arranged alphabetically by author. Take into account that the list of references:

  • It begins on a separate sheet after the last page of the text, before the annexes. It is not an additional section of the text.
  • It has the word "References" without quotes, centred at the top of the page.
  • Only include the sources of information cited in the body of the text. It does not include other sources that were not cited in the text.

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Where to get more information on how to use APA Referencing Tool?

The APA format is the format of the American Psychological Association, which publishes and updates the official guide to using the format, the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. is a website with very useful answers to particular questions about using the APA format, such as what to do when information is missing to refer.

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apa referencing generator apa referencing generator
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